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Paul Carrick, MSW, RSW


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Unfortunately many people in workplaces, including many Human Resource Professionals, experience current methodologies in addressing and investigating disrespect and harassment to be ineffective. For the accused, the accuser, and the workplace it can often feel further damaging than the original event. 

At Ascend, we believe in the importance and integrity of workplace policies and procedures combined with the importance of bringing the human element into emotional and conflictual issues. Resolving harassment often does not work if you don’t have both the technical and the personal aspects. If you are looking to explore and learn approaches to dealing with workplace conflict that combine Human Resources and therapeutic approaches, you are in the right place. 

My knowledge comes from countless conversations with individuals seeking support and transformative approaches for workplace and personal issues. You cannot fool the audience. Audiences are diverse. Audiences know instantly when you have not been in the trenches and when you have. I have been told many times I have uncommon depth and breadth of knowledge on workplace issues with countless case examples. As a trauma informed therapist and a conflict resolution specialist I also feel it is important to bring a non-judgmental and open attitude to my work, mired with the importance of exploring accountability. 

​ I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW) and am a Registered Social Worker (RSW). I hold an undergraduate double Major Degree in Women Studies and Criminology. I have also attained a Diploma in Human Resources from University of Winnipeg (2017), a Certificate in Essentials of Supervision from the Province of Manitoba (2016) a Mediation and Conflict Resolution Certificate from Resolution Skills Centre (2005). I currently am a full time therapist, part time facilitator and trainer and an instructor for Managing Conflict at the University of Winnipeg PACE program. 


University of Winnipeg PACE Program, 2018

Course Managing Conflict


Anonymous participant


The case studies done were an excellent way to learn and prepare for real life experiences. The instructor was knowledgeable and gave me the confidence that what he taught will help me in the real world. 



Red River College

Addressing Harassment Presentation


Ben S.


Well organized, engaging. Paul obviously has a lot of experience and knowledge in this area and was able to communication this information effectively. 



Stuart S.


I liked the informal, relaxed approach. I liked all his examples.



Samantha K. 


Great enthusiasm and examples given throughout presentation. Easy to visualize these situations and how to respond.

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