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Many HR consultants, managers, and employees find addressing harassment in the workplace to be difficult and complex...


All employers are required under Workplace Safety and Health Regulations to ensure each of their employees receives awareness training on Harassment and Sexual Harassment, including Human Rights awareness. 



Carrick, MSW, RSW

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I’m Paul Carrick and I have been a therapist, trainer, mediator and facilitator for over 22 years. I am lucky enough to have facilitated groups and trainings for a conservative 32,000 people. Ascend Consulting was developed as a result of ongoing positive word of mouth referrals. Those who are skeptics of trainings on Respectful Workplaces and Harassment have passed the word my trainings are valuable and exceptional.  


Delivering sensitive material on topics such as Harassment and Sexual Harassment (among others) in workplaces that may be toxic, uninformed or wounded takes a balance of knowledge, skill and sensitivity. I still enjoy and am passionate about meeting the needs of the audience.

I have an authentic down to earth funny presentation style with extensive in-depth front line knowledge on how to approach conflict in workplaces, Human Resource practices and policies, plus therapy approaches. Participants know instantly I have “been there” offering professional advice to complex problems.  

In addition to my Masters in Clinical Social Work, I attained a Human Resource Diploma in order to be educated on polices that impact workplaces and augment my therapy and mediation background.   

I have facilitated national and local audiences ranging from Human Resources, corporations, managers, employees, Indigenous populations and small to large organizations and conferences.

Give me a call or email me to discuss your training or consulting needs.


Thanks, Paul Carrick



Engaging, relevant, and entertaining workplace presentations and trainings.



Looking for individual or group support for you, an employee, or a workplace?



My role as the Respectful Workplace Advisor (2013-2018) was recently positively acknowledged in two 2018 audits of the Province of Manitoba. Both MLT Aikins and the Manitoba Status of Women Secretariat used numerous round tables plus 3028 anonymous surveys to discuss how the Province addresses Harassment and Sexual Harassment. It was clear the training delivered by the Advisor had a positive impact and was valued by participants.



(Pages 16/17, and recommendations section)


Manitoba Status of Women Secretariat stated in the issue of Sexual Harassment stated: “In person training sessions on the topic [by the Advisor]…spoke highly of the experience. They said retention was greater…provided real life examples including more subtle forms that can be misinterpreted in the workplace… participants remembered examples and stories shared…That had an impact. Many felt it was eye-opening and engaging. Participants felt in-person training was more important for covering the nuances of sexual harassment and for understanding its impact. 



(Pages 14/15 and recommendations section)


MLT Aikins stated; “A recurring theme was that that In-Person Training and other training delivered by the Respectful Workplace Advisor were particularly effective, whether delivered by seminar or through attendance at a particular branch or division. The Advisor was regularly called upon to provide advice and coaching that was very effective in placing managers, employees and Human Resources staff in the best position to address concern as they arose”. 



A/Quality Assurance Analyst

Manitoba Families


Wow! That was a way better than I imagined! We were all skeptical about a 'Respectful Workplace' training but I am so impressed.  Paul had that right combination of knowledge , experience and charisma that made people want to engage and learn. Everyone I spoke to, both employees and managers, said they could relate. Even the skeptics enjoyed it!


He hit the issues in our workplace right on point. He presented in an interesting, informative and frank manner on some very sensitive topics. It was surprising very funny and light at the same time. The training empowered our staff to speak up respectfully; to resolve the problems and issues that hinder productivity and teamwork. Keep up the good and needed work Paul!

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