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I have a very small private practice offering coaching and therapy.

My therapeutic back ground is in the areas of: domestic abuse, childhood sexual abuse, the impact of trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression, among other related areas. Not to mention how to approach conflict in workplaces including harassment.


I work collaboratively with each unique individual to help identify areas of struggle and offer support to break free of destructive patterns and behaviors. I use many therapeutic approaches and fit models to people and not people to models. I have been finding great success with the application of EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitizing Reprocessing) techniques to support client’s processing and healing from developmental and traumatic experiences. I am working my way to become a certified EMDR practitioner.

Ever felt rudderless or know you are not living up to your full potential? Ever felt stuck in a specific area of your life and could use guidance and support to get to the other side? Ever struggled with a workplace issue that you need advice and guidance to navigate? Coaching might be right for you?

Employers: Ever wonder where you can send an employee who is struggling with inappropriate workplace behaviors? I work collaboratively with all parties to build insight too support employees or managers struggling to build awareness and find common ground. I can also be a support for employees returning to the workplace.

Workplace Interventions and Assessments

I have provided many group interventions and assessments in my role as the Respectful Workplace Advisor. Every workplace intervention is different depending on the initial workplace assessment and the degree of conflict. I often utilize a Systems Approach to resolving conflicts where all parties involved are supported and the division of responsibilities and accountability are clarified.

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